5 Biggest Things that the Bride and Groom Forget

bride and groom
5 Biggest Things that the Bride and Groom Forget
1. Make post wedding plans. Decide what you will be doing directly after your wedding. If you want to continue the fun plan on a hotel room that everyone can meet at or pick a late night hot spot.
2. Pick someone responsible for taking your things home. Your gifts, mementos guest book ect. will need to be taken after the reception. Find a person who will take these items home for you.
3. Bring Legal Documents. Signing your marriage certificate after the wedding ceremony is the most important aspects of your wedding day. Your celebrant should bring 3 marriage certificates for you to sign.
4. Confirm with your vendors. One week before your wedding you should check in with all your suppliers. Go over locations times and itineraries with your Limo driver, florist, photographer and planner.
5. Buy gifts for your wedding party. You need to buy a little something for everyone that helped you in this special day.

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