Tips on posing on your wedding day


Tips on posing on your wedding day

This is will be one of the most photographed days of your lives. If you have the tools and prepare yourself on how to pose the easier it will be for you. Here are some tips on how to pose to get the most flattering photos on your wedding day.
1. Strike a pose with your hand on your hip.
Most wedding dresses are sleeveless which can make your arm look big. Try placing one hand on your hip and this will make both your arms and your waist look smaller.
2. Know your angles. Before your wedding practice posing in a mirror. See what angles look most attractive. Pose with the camera above rather than below. This angle can make you look taller but also make you look heavier with a double chin.
3. Head tilt downwards. Most people think if they raise their chin upwards it’s most flattering because it stretches the neck. This is not true! The most flattering in photos is a stretch forward then slightly down.
4. Pose in soft lighting. I always hear it’s a perfect sunny day for photos. This is actually the worse lighting for flattering photos. Do not photograph in direct sunlight. This will cause harsh shadows. If this is the only time to shoot make sure you find a shady spot.
5. Relax and act natural. I know it’s hard to act natural when there is a camera in your face. But the more relaxed you are the better the photos. Think of how special the day is and smile!
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