Tips on how to make your wedding FUN!

1. Incorporate family traditions, music and hobbies into the day. Find a way to incorporate these ideas throughout the party.
2. Reverse couple kiss- When the guests click their glasses have the DJ call upon couples to kiss instead of the bride and groom. You will have to give the DJ a list a names beforehand.
3. Place song requests cards on the tables. This opens fun conversations for the guest to talk about music they enjoy.
4. Offer a snack at the end of the night. After a night of dancing and drinking guests will appreciate a little something to snack on before they head home.
5. After dinner when the dancing and fun begins have the bartender switch from glass to plastic cups. This way no one has to worry about breaking a glass.
6. Have some party props such as glow ropes, hula hoops and beach balls. This makes dancing even more fun.

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