The Dos and Don’ts of Make up on your wedding day

1. Have a trial session at least three weeks before your wedding. This way your make up artist can see the color of your skin especially during the summer or if you are tanning.
2. Wear a white shirt during your trial session so you can see the contrast of the makeup while wearing white.
3. Brighten any darkness under your eyes with concealer this will emphasize your eyes.
4. Bridal make -up needs to have enough color to compensate for the whiteness or your dress.
5. Finish your make up with a highlighter shade on the brow bone to make your eyes pop.

1. You should not have a make up test done with fluorescent lighting. Your make up artist should come to your home or a studio using daylight lighting.
2. Wedding photography uses natural lighting, choose a matte finish so you don’t shine in the photos.
3. Try brighter shades. Browns and pale lips can look washed out.
4. Extend your makeup down your neck and shoulder or even your back. Everything should look uniform to create a natural look.
5. Allow at least 45 minutes to apply your makeup application on your wedding day!

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