Wedding Photography Timeline

It can be difficult to create an exact timeline for photography on your wedding day. However here are a few things to consider. Your wedding usually runs a bit behind schedule, the day will fly by and plus you want to have fun.bride

Getting ready shots:
I suggest the photographer should arrive an hour before you have to leave to get to the ceremony. You need to consider how long it will take to drive to the next location. During this session the photographer will take candid shots of putting on makeup, doing your hair and getting dressed. It’s also a time to capture details of the dress, rings, shoes and bouquets. Right after prep is the best time for individual portraits of the bride, bride with parents and the bridesmaids.

The photographer should arrive at least 20 minutes before the bride. This gives time to photograph the Groom and Groomsmen. It also gives the opportunity to set up a space near the front so he/she will be able to capture the bride walking down the aisle. The photographer should ready to photograph the bride getting out of the car/limo. Each couple has to decide if they will be having a receiving line after the ceremony. If so this can take up to 45 minutes. If there will be no receiving line I suggest the bride and groom to leave directly after the ceremony so they don’t get stuck greeting everyone!bride and groom

Formal shots:
Family photos can take up to 30 minutes. Having a large group of family members and how many different combinations can change this estimate. For example if you want to photograph the bride with Mom, then the Bride with Mom and Dad, then the Bride with Mom and Dad and Groom…. See how this can take up some time!!! I always ask for a list of important shots that you would like to capture to make this time a bit more party

Wedding party photo:
This is a time to have some fun with your friends and family in your wedding party. It is an opportunity to shoot your basic formal wedding party shots but also a time to make some creative fun shots. This process usually takes about 30 minutes.

Bride and Groom:
The last of the formal shots of the day will be the bride and groom which takes 30 minutes of time. This time is relaxed to capture beautiful images of the couple. At times the photographer will pose the shots other times will the couple be themselves. This will be the first time alone as a married couple and it gives the opportunity to capture this tender moment. bride and groom

The photographer should arrive at the reception site 10 minutes before the guests. This will give the opportunity to photograph the room. So much time is spent decorating and planning this event and all the details need to be captured. Depending on the events of the reception I usually suggest that the photographer does not have to stay to the very end unless something is happening at the last moment. bride and groom dip

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